Where to find a good Irish bouzouki? The Irish bouzouki buying guide

Buying an Irish bouzouki, you do not have a lot of options. You could think that it makes the choice easier but less choice is less comparison and less emulation between builders. As a result you still have to check twice before buying. You have to choose between half a dozen of brands and around 20 different Irish bouzoukis as far as i have searched. And the list keeps growing. That is why this Irish bouzouki buying guide comes in handy.

I have made this search for myself, looking everywhere for the best Irish bouzouki. I share with you the results of this search and provide you with a selection of the best product i have found. Wherever you live on this planet, there is an Irish bouzouki for you :-).

As far as possible, i have chosen instruments that you can easily buy online in shops you already know. They will provide you with a good customer service and trust.

Best choices for Irish bouzouki available online (more reviews to come):