An affordable yet efficient Irish bouzouki by Hora.

This is a basic yet effective Irish Bouzouki by Hora. The brand Hora is based in Romania.The romanian factory produces more than 60 000 instrument each year and was founded in 1951 by a romanian Luthier, Roman Boianciuc.

It comes in 2 versions : natural or black.

Good sound

According to most and several online reviews, the sound is clearly good, way better than what they were expecting for the price. Many buyers have reported mounting a new set of strings replacing the default installed one has improved the sound.

You can notice the tuners are the same than a Greek bouzouki and different from most Irish bouzouki. It makes the instrument distinctive from other bouzouki and somewhat closer to a Greek bouzouki.

Also, notice that the bouzouki has a button to add a belt. Sometimes a belt is useful since the shape of the bouzouki make it very unstable.


Of course, statistically and especially in this price range, there are chances that the one you buy has some minor flaws. IT has been reported some unremoved glue excess here and there. This has being reported sometimes. Whenever you get a model that is clearly under normal quality expectation or if something make it not playable this is not a problem: you can ask your online merchant for a refund or for a new instrument with an improved build. The shipping being at the merchant’s charge since the product has a problem. That is what most buyer have done in that case and are satisfied with the new instrument.


  • Color: Black or Natur
  • Top: Solid spruce
  • Back: Flat solid maple
  • Neck, sides: Maple
  • Strings: 8
  • Nut Width: 35 mm
  • Width at 12th Fret: 44 mm
  • Scale length: 660 mm
  • Body Depth: 77 mm
  • Body Width: 310 mm
  • Frets: 23
  • Length: 950 mm
  • Weight: 1.40 kg
  • Adjustable truss rod


I think that it is a very decent instrument, especially for beginners that want to discover this instrument or if you can’t afford a more expensive one. The sound is good, very good for the instrument price range. With this instrument, everyone can be proud owner of an Irish bouzouki that sounds good. You can also buy it as a travel bouzouki if you want to protect a more expensive one that you play at home or on stage. You can also use it as a back-up bouzouki.

EQ version:

You can also buy a version with an EQ. Along with several users, I really recommend the EQ version as long as you can afford it since it brings more possibilities and sound options. It would allow you to discover new sound possibilities for around 35 € more. Also, do not hesitate to buy the soft case, hard case or a soft padded bag to protect your instrument to protect it from bruises and dust! Especially if the merchant offers it as an option since it should be an interesting price and a fitting your instrument.

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Information about the brand Hora.

Hora is a Romanian Brand that exists since 1951. At first it was a small shop created by a romanian master Luthier Roman Boianciuc. Now, it is a quite respectable factory where more than 300 workers produce each year more than 60 000 instruments mostly guitars but also mandolin, violin,… Along the years they specialized in ethnic instruments like Irish bouzoukis, mandolins, mandolas,  domras, balalaikas, cimbaloms, hammer dulcimers, Appalachian dulcimers, psalteries panflutes, cobzas,…

Progressively, they have improved their fabrication process. They use more and more water based varnish and glues and are certified iso 9001. The spruce and maple wood are from Romanian forests while other exotics essences are from exotic countries. They sell their instruments under their own name, Hora, but you can find their instrument rebranded by other shop such as thomann..

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