Irish Flute Lesson 2 – [The Basics] Easy Irish Session Tune 🎵🎵

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This beginner Irish flute lesson will teach you the scale of G and an easy Irish session tune called ‘Tripping to the Well’. Learn the tune step by step in the time honoured traditional way, phrase by phrase. For a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know when starting out on Irish flute and to download a free MP3 and sheet music for Tripping to the Well visit the OAIM website –

In this lesson you will learn –
00:28 C natural fingering
00:51 The scale of G
04:36 Tripping to the Well played normally
05:35 Learn the first part phrase by phrase
07:37 Learn the second part phrase by phrase
09:53 Whole tune practice

You’re in good hands learning from Steph who has been immersed in the Sligo flute tradition for many years and has been touring with ‘The Alan Kelly Gang’ and others.

Flute Basics

Flute Basics Course Synopsis: This course is aimed at the absolute beginner flute player. It begins with a series of six lessons then progresses through to the twenty three main subscription lessons. Learn how to hold the instrument with proper hand, lip and finger posture will be demonstrated and explained in the first of the six lessons, along with the scales of D and G. Other basic fundamentals that Steph will address include: how to create space in a tune to breath, breath technique, articulation, ornamentation, flute maintenance and how to gain clarity of tone in both the high and low register. Throughout the course she progressively refers to and teases out many of the issues that give so many flute players difficulties. The ‘Flute Basics’ course will equip the beginner flautist with the necessary rudiments to begin a journey down the long and adventurous road of Irish flute playing. By the end of this beginner’s course, you will have a repertoire of twenty four Irish tunes that sit very well on the flute, the knowledge of how to play with good tone and rhythm with basic ornamentation and a deeper understanding of the Irish music tradition. The course has 29 lessons—making it our biggest course on OAIM—broken into 3 to 4 tutorials each, where tunes are taught phrase by phrase.

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